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Product name: LITEON
Features: Taiwan veteran listed companies, turnover of $ 320M; is the largest shareholder of diodes, accounting for 17% of the shares; is the OB major shareholder, accounting for 32% of the shares. Prior to help ON, NXP, ST do discrete devices foundry business, have their own fab and packaging plant.
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    Array Electronics(ShenZhen)Co.Ltd was founded in 2006, focusing on electronic components distribution business for more than ten years, has a number of professional AE and FAE team, to provide customers with a variety of technical solutions and on-site technical support and other multi-level services. The company and the world's leading electronic components manufacturers to establish strategic cooperation, the main agent products Omron, TE, Nichicon, Liteon, Iriso, Maplesemi, TST, the Department, Gemalto, core Peng Wei, McNair, multidimensional, pine, Micro, Tyco Tianrun, Oktek and other ...
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Automotive networking will spawn a huge demand for components
According to Luca De Ambroggi, principal analyst for automotive electronics at IHS Markit, a high-end car will carry more than $ 6,000 worth of automotive electronics components in the next five years and will generate $ 160 billion in the automotive electronics market by 2022.It is expected that all car-related automotive electronics products will undergo tremendous changes. According to IHS forecasts, the automotive semiconductor market will grow by more than 7% by 2022, surpassing the growth rate of about 4.5% of the overall automotive electronics system in the same period and the growth rate of about 2.4% in car sales. According to De Ambroggi, this is mainly because the automotive semiconductor market adds significant software value.In response to the ever-increasing complexity and data sharing, automakers are working to adopt more advanced networking technologies to replace standard planar architectures based on the Control Area Network (CAN) bus. De Ambroggi said: "All elec...
2017 - 10 - 31
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