Array Electronics(ShenZhen)Co.Ltd was founded in 2006, focusing on electronic components distribution business for more than ten years, has a number of professional AE and FAE team, to provide customers with a variety of technical solutions and on-site technical support and other multi-level services. The company and the world's leading electronic components manufacturers to establish strategic cooperation, the main agent products Omron, TE, Nichicon, Liteon, Iriso, Maplesemi, TST, the Department, Gemalto, core Peng Wei, McNair, multidimensional, pine, Micro, Tyco Tianrun, Oktek and other brands.

       The company insists on the development strategy of technical support service, has R & D center and technical team in Shenzhen, deeply comprehends the performance of IC products and its application technology, plows the market of three major fields of industrial control, new energy and Internet of Things, and develops A number of market segments of IC application solutions for our customers to provide their products IC application solutions and on-site technical support services. "Continuing to create value for customers" is the joint management philosophy of  Array. All along, the joint alliance in the management and technical innovation, and strive to provide customers with differentiated value-added services and achieve win-win and common development with customers.

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Address:Room 2001,Chuangzhan Center,Anhui Building,No.6007 Shennan Road,Futian District,Shenzhen City
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