Senior sales engineer

Number of recruits:5
work place: Futian District,Shenzhen
Release time: 2017-10-30

Position Salary: 8000-15000 yuan Location: Shenzhen Nature of work: Full-time work experience: 3-5 years Minimum education: college


1. Contact and develop clients to process customer inquiries;

2. Analysis of the market and customer situation, offer to customers; 

3. With the customer's negotiations, the implementation of the price and order details, the confirmation of the order;

4. Payment, freight and other matters of the track;

5. The quality of the goods and the return of the deal;

6. Customer file management, customer visits and relationship maintenance.


job requirements:

1. Regular college degree or above, have a certain English reading and writing ability, electronics, marketing related majors preferred;

2. One to two years of work experience in sales of components, large and medium-sized components distributors work experience is preferred;

3. Good language skills and interpersonal skills;

4 computer skills, able to adapt to fast-paced work and withstand greater pressure on work.

Company Acting product lines: TE, OMRON, NICHICON, LITEON, IRISO, MAPLESEMI, Gemalto, core Peng Wei, McNair Technology, the Department, Tycoon Run


Company benefits:

1, the monthly salary: Basic salary + commission (higher than 50% counterparts) + full attendance + travel subsidies. (Salary interview)

2, year-end awards.

3, the company for all employees to buy social security.

4, all company employees enjoy legal holidays and paid annual leave.

5, the company will organize regular outdoor or outdoor activities every month, at least once a year outside the province of tourism.

Note: The second half of the company office will move to Nanshan District.

Work Address: Futian District,Shenzhen

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